This is the house we looked at today...

The front of the house, walking from Nancy's house

The back of the house from the back of the yard. To the right is
a two and one-half garage. In front of you is the family room with
a fireplace.

This the front door enterance. To the right is a small head and the
stairs. The two small doors are small closets.

The dining room walking in from the kitchen. To the right is the living room.
If you go left you are in the family room.

The family room. It is the old garage. It has an entryway, which would be
perfect for a deck. It has 3 walls with barnwood panel and it is a linolem on slab...

The kitchen... !st room to be improved. That is the back door. Behind me
is the dining room and to the left is the door to the stairs, front door
and head.

The living room fireplace.

Looking left in the living room to the sun room.

Looking right in the living room

Stairs. There is a small landing and it banks right.

One of the 3 upstairs bedrooms.

Upstairs head

The attic room, complete with original posters. The son grew up living up here...
This would be Brooks' room

The yard from the upstairs back room

Front door

Driveway and entry to kitchen

The house