Camping with the Powells -
Dobber, June, McKenna, Cam, Noel and Meredith
July 28, 2002 at
Lone Oaks Camp Grounds in Canaan, CT

Here are the campers -

This is Lone Oaks in its glory - Line Dancing, Country Band (It was
country and western weekend) and patriotic golf carts.

The playground, pond in the background and campers

We had to get a photo of the shorts in the upper right - CHE ER!
there were plenty of teenage girls and kid activities.
Brooks and I went to a kid dance and did all kinds of fun
dances - Who let the dogs out, the Limbo, Shout, Makarena

Dobber and Cam teach Brooks Kickball. He was in
soccer mode and thought he should follow the ball. He
scored twice......

Needing some encoragement to acturally run the
bases, Dobber is behind him on the bases and was nice
enought not to plow him over.

More running

Learning the monkey bars

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