July 17 2002

Hi Dad. CJC is sick so I took a few photos to show you what is going on.

Flowers are doing good. Glads are just coming out.

Brooks got a castle and we set it up last night.

CJC is sick - fever, cold, upper respiratory infection, but not looking too bad here!

I picked some flowers for the table.

We moved some furniture around. Threw away big chair in green room,
put Thomas table in there instead. Mom took the table, so I put this
in the pink room for the albums and move the other shelves into
the living room.

This is the table mom and I bought. It is working out great.

Sorry for the size, but the only way for you to see the fabric for the bathroom
the sink color, the glass tile we are planning on for the border at 3/4 height
and the floor

This is the tree that fell. Look in upper left. The trunk that is left is a tree
to deal with. Yes it fell on the neighbor's fence. Steve already
removed that.

These are some tiles Mom and I picked out for the fire place.
which do you like?
Do you think we should just tile the floor or also over the brick
around the fireplace?

Here is another sample floor for bathroom.

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